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February 10, 2011
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TRF Marine armor by Great-5 TRF Marine armor by Great-5
This is the hard-plate armor worn by the TRF space marines in one of my scenarios. Drawn on lined paper during last semester's 3D modeling class. It is made of CIMAD ceramic armor bonded with Ralvek ballistic fiber.

Yes Ralvek is Kevlar spelled backwards...sue me, DuPont :icondoitfaggotplz:

Notice the four pouches on the sides.


The TRF Marines are © 2005-2010 Nick Hägen
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dinoman356 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
I like the name Ralvek instead of Kevlar. Has a better ring to it and kind of goes with the Alien Universe.
Great-5 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, as I wrote though it's just "Kevlar" spelled backwards haha.

And as for Aliens, the Colonial Marines had their own fictional version of Kevlar, called "Venlar." But I like my name "Ralvek" better. Also the TRF/USG Marines aren't affiliated with the Colonial Marines in any way, they are my original characters, even if they were heavily inspired by the Colonial Marines, and to a lesser extent the UNSC Marines from Halo.

Still, I'm glad you like this armor design, and thanks for faving it...
Commander-Fillmore Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
very nice design
Great-5 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! My goal is to draw a TRF marine someday...although now the TRF (Terran Reform Faction) is called the USG (United Systems Government.) So it would be a USG marine. Different name, same soldier.

And thanks for faving it, btw.
Commander-Fillmore Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
no problem man
LordKiraTheConquerer Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Saw this in the suggestion box, and just really felt like contributing. Mostly in relation to the comment below: 1. Individual First Aid Kit [IFAK] - bandages, gauze, ointment, tourniquet, water purifiers, clot enhaning agents to make wounds close faster, and in the future, I'd say biofoam to seal up entire bloodied areas in seconds [only for emergencies, of course.] 2. Compact entrenching tool, basically a fancy shovel that folds down to about a fifth of its normal size. 3. Flashlight, tactical light, signal light, and hand scope. 4. "Ready rations." - Small, light bits intended for high energy munching on the go. 5. Tactical hand radio or helmet mic and cam controller. GPS unit for squad leaders. 6. Between 2 and 6 "ready clips" for quick engagements. [Additional ammunition stored in packs.] 7. Mechanical Breacher's Kit [MBK]. Issued to the breacher of the squad for busting doors and other obstacles. 8. Nerve Agent Antidote Kit [NAAK] and related injectors. Not very commonly issued, though in the future, I assume cost would decrease such that it is NOT seen as outweighing the life of the soldier. 9. Canteen. 10. Between 2 and 4 HE/smoke/flashbang grenades, either hand-thrown, or 20 to 40 milimeter over-under launcher fired. Up to 8 or 12 for the latter. NOT issued to machinegun teams. [Because, of course, light machineguns don't mount over-under launchers the way assault rifles do.]

So that's everything currently [and typically] carried on the chest and around the waist. Pack-carried items can include: 1. Long-range radio. 2. Backup flashlight. Batteries. 3. Small Arms Protective Inserts [SAPI], removable when deemed unnecessary, and made for quick insertion to add to the protection of a standard vest. 4. Mess kit. Aditional canteen. Large water pack. Canteen cup /w stand. 5. Flame Resistant Organizational Gear [FROG] for protecting your precious.... "Golem, Golem...." [Also refers to le fancy 'fire pants' and such, so marines don't get cripsy like KFC.] 6. Heavy breaching kit. [For the squad's resident "door and wall rapist."] 7. Emergency medical kit. [For corpsmen.] 8. Multi-use parachute. [Potentially for anyone who is flown in, not just specifically for paratroopers. Can also be used as shelter, or as rags for makeshift bandages and tourniquets.] 9. Various tool thingies. [Wrenches and shit. Whatever you think you'd never for whatever mechanical stuff you may be working with. Typically for sappers, engineers and foremen.] 10. Laser rangefinding scope. Laser targeter. [For scouting and/or calling in air/artillery strikes.] Not commonly issued. 11. Various demo equipment. [Typically c4.] Not commonly issued. 12. Sleeping pad, mummy bag, or something of the like. 13. Personal or small group collapsable shelter. [Of course, not given to everyone in the group.] 14. Tactical computers for squad/platoon leaders. 15. Backup googles, sunglasses, and small protective gear. [Not commonly issued.]

So basically, that, more or less, is what marines typically have to work with. Of course, add on if you feel necessary for sci-fi effect. For the primary armor, I suggest something more like the modular tactical vest, outer tactical vest, or scalable plate carrier, simply for weight concerns, flexibility, carrying space, and load-bearing capacity.
Great-5 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, that sounds like a lot of stuff. I hope he'll be able to hold all of it. I like the idea of the first-aid items, the rations, the GPS and the two to six clips of ammo that are at the ready. Although I'd be inclined to put the first-aid kit in the rucksack, but I'm not sure exactly. Also, what about grenades and signal flares?

And the stuff in the pack/rucksack, that sounds about right as well. What exactly is mechanical breaching?

Oh, and the reason this is hard plate armor as opposed to flexible soft armor like in modern days is simply due to rule of cool. The Colonial Marines from the movie Aliens, AKA one of my biggest influences since I was about twelve, wore hard armor like this, as to the UNSC marines from Halo, the GEARs from GoW, the MI (Mobile Infantry) from Starship Troopers, practically everyone in military sci-fi wears hard plate armor. Although I may in the future redesign this vest to be more "articulated" and thus more practical and flexible, but I'm not sure about that. Thanks for the in-depth comment!
LordKiraTheConquerer Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah. All that actually takes up significantly less space than it looks. And I'm sure in the future it'd be a whole lot lighter, so he could carry even more if it was deemed worthwhile. The med kit.... Yes, main kit goes in the bag. [May have messed that one.] But it is extremely important to always have a smaller emergency med kit or a specialized trauma kit out and ready for when time is shorter, or when you're under fire. Grenades and flares NEVER go in a rucksack, because they ignite.... And that would suck.... Oh, by the way, 2 types of flares. 1: The standard shiny ones are for evac, general SOS, and LZ/drop-off marking. 2: Colored smoke flares are for marking stationary targets for aircraft.

Mechanical breaching can be A: Breaching grenades/c4/other related, used for blowing through doors and walls. B: Specialized breaching equipent, such as reciprocating window cutters [for stealth runs], or a "breaching hammer" which you basically place on something you want to bust, it makes like a jackhammer, and then you pick it back up and reuse it. I don't remember what other mechanical breachers there are.... But lastly, C: It can also just be a simple over-under shotgun attachment for you to put on your gun, though that loses effectiveness quickly as doors get more locks, or cease to be wood.

Well, no, I'm not saying to get rid of plating altogether. You can actually keep full plating like that and still make it just as modular and configurable as the armor worn by modern-day soldiers. And that's actually what Halo did with the marines, starting in Halo 2, and then pushing it way more in that direction in Halo Reach. [link] If you look closely, it's all plenty thick and up-armored. But still, everything is all clipped and strapped into each other, and then there are tons upon tons of clipping points to attach additional containers and components. So yeah, the main thing is really just having those clipping points, and then maybe with cross straps in them already, ready to be loaded up. And the whole idea isn't just about making it configurable. Yeah, you can have light scout guys with just the vests, and then load others heavier for different roles, but the more important thing is being able to easily get a piece of armor off and deal with a life-threatening wound without having to completely strip the soldier of his protection.
Angryspacecrab Featured By Owner May 20, 2011
four pouches one for your mobile phone, one for your wallet, one for all your pens and stuff and the ofther i think raw meat
Great-5 Featured By Owner May 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm, actually they'd probably hold military-type stuff such as ammo, rations, survival gear, etc. (though I'd imagine rations, portable shelter and survival gear would be carried in a rucksack on the soldier's back.) Like whatever space marines carry in their pouches. But I presume they might carry a GPS-type unit to help them navigate through confusing areas. Or perhaps a comlink to communicate with other members of their squad (but I dunno, my TRF marines have comlinks built into their helmets,) or maybe a very small computer or datapad. It really opens up the mind to speculation on just what the marines would carry in their pouches! Though I'd assume ammo would be key.

I may draw a TRF marine soon, a full marine and not just his body armor. But it may take awhile since I go in and out of motivation and I also suck at drawing people.
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