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FanArt:  PK5 Custom 12mm Pulse Gun  by Great-5 by CzechBiohazard

Czech, once again you have proven yourself to be an expert weapon designer. I honestly wasn't expecting anything too radically differen...

Mecha - Enforcer by ModalMechanica

This stood out at me right away when I saw this in my deviations messages. The shapes and overall form are simply amazing. Everything, ...

Random from Concept Art


Commission Info:

Paypal Button by skinnyveestamp

I don't do free requests, I only do paid commissions and art trades. I also don't believe in points, I only accept Paypal and Paypal only. Note me with the details of what you want drawn, and we'll take it from there :3

I WILL draw:
:bulletblack: Weapons (swords, guns, etc.)
:bulletblack: Ponies, both OCs and official MLP: FiM characters
:bulletblack: Mecha (tanks, aircraft, powered armor, etc.)
:bulletblack: Mild fanservice or pinup-style images (humanoids)...please keep the request PG-13!
:bulletblack: Mild plot/flank stuff (ponies)...please keep the request PG-13!
:bulletblack: Creatures

I will NOT draw:
:bulletblack: Outright porn or fetish art
:bulletblack: Non-MLP fanart (generally no...but there are some exceptions)
:bulletblack: Landscapes
:bulletblack: Overly-complex poses and angles (not a good enough artist to risk it yet)


:bulletblack: Rough pencil sketch: $3 - $7
M91 Caseless Service Rifle - ROUGH by Great-5Gauss rifle by Great-5

:bulletblack: Completed digital drawing: $15 - $20
PK5 Custom 12mm Pulse Gun by Great-5I4-B35 Heavy Energy Pistol by Great-5Kyrdan and Xandu swords by Great-5Type-10 Energy Projectile Carbine by Great-5


:bulletblack: Rough pencil sketch: $7 - $12
Pretty Purple Ponydump 10-4-2012 by Great-5

:bulletblack: Completed digital drawing: $15 - $20
Taulight Sparkle by Great-5Bane the Tacticool Pony by Great-5

:bulletblack: Additional character or background: Add $5 - $10
COMMISSION: SoarinDash Space Marines by Great-5

Character Design

:bulletblack: Rough pencil sketch: $8 - $15

:bulletblack: Completed digital drawing: $25 - $30
Sanke Lenna by Great-5

Art Trades
I also do art trades, character-for-character or design-for-design, with an optional background, depending on whether or not I feel up to including one.
Art trade for Jacquibim by Great-5Art Trade: Maverick Shot by Jacquibim




  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Rules of Nature - Metal Gear Rising OST
  • Reading: Art history textbook
  • Watching: Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Playing: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
  • Eating: chicken-apple sausages with mustard aioli and ham
  • Drinking: Racer 5 pale ale + coffee
What's up guys, Dä5ch here with some important updates regarding both the status of my various commissions and art trades I have agreed to do for my various friends and watchers, and what I have in store for the future of my various OCs and fanfics, focusing primarily on my MLP OCs and fanfic projects. I do admit that I have been inactive on here for far too long, mostly due to school and other responsibilities cutting into my personal time for art projects and other fun things, but also due to my own laziness and procrastination. I really let myself slide with my responsibilities over the past month or so, and I really wanna make it up to you all. However, I can't guarantee I can make it all better right away. Curse my autism and its tendency to make me want to avoid responsibility and obligation, rather than just tackle the things that have been mounting up over the past month or two. I will probably have to take slow, baby steps to get back into the swing of responsibility.

After I highlight the various projects I am obligated to for those who requested them, I will highlight some changes to my OCs and other characters, and the worlds, both original and fanon, that they occupy. Stay tuned, and a preemptive apology for this journal probably going into tl;dr territory. Read if you want, I would love a response, but you can take your time. I know it's a lot.

Commission/Trade Status

I realize I kinda let these go over the past few months, so I decided to list the various commissions and art trades that have been requested of me starting six months ago or so. I put these in order from top priority to bottom priority, but don't worry, I do intend to finish every one of these projects ASAP, ideally over the next few months. Thanks to dA's Mentions system once I put your username down in this journal, you will hopefully be notified of your name here, so you can read it and comment accordingly. I wish I could put my art projects before everything else, I really do, but the homework from both my college classes are taking up a significant portion of my time, and half the time when I am on break I'm too exhausted, depressed or unfocused to draw anything. So I will just have to work around my own handicaps. Thank you all for being patient.

1. :iconsunjian54: COMMISSION: 40K-inspired mercenary pistol - Almost done, made lineart of the side view, just need to make lineart of the front view so I can get to work on drawing, scanning and coloring the final draft. Slightly overwhelmed in some requested areas such as giving the gun a "worn" appearance, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out...I always do.
2. :iconjacquibim: TRADE: Two OCs interacting - This art trade has been in the works since at least September, so it's high time I finish it soon. I almost AM finished, but 3/4ths of the way through I realized I wasn't happy with the characters' proportions, and only decided after I started on it how I should handle pony proportions from here on out, so the main thing that is keeping me from jumping right in and finishing this art trade is digitally adapting the original ink drawing I did to use the pony proportions I finally decided I am happy with. An additional, lesser setback is the fact that I'm also not happy with how I drew the face of one of his characters from an unusual angle...he gave me a suggestion on how to correct it, and I do think I can make this suggestion work, but doing it all digitally with my Wacom tablet is beyond frustrating.. My lack of skill with precise drawing using a tablet is the main reason I have not finished this sooner. I will get it done hopefully ASAP, once I get my schoolwork and the above commission out of the way. I feel really bad keeping Jacquibim waiting like this, I really do, especially since he finished his end of the art trade months ago. So I am very sorry for the delay.
3. :iconequilibrik: COMMISSION: Custom weapon for Fallout: Equestria - This one is not my highest priority for now, but I will get to it as soon as I possibly can. It's always a dumb idea to turn down art commissions, especially since I am cheating myself out of earning money. The main setback for this one is how vague I feel the request is...I couldn't quite wrap my mind around what the client wanted in terms of what the weapon should look like...maybe he can elaborate eventually.
4. :iconsharpy-loves-you: COMMISSION: God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer 40K) riding Princess Celestia - The oldest commission I have on here, circa I dunno, late summer 2013? Geez...I *really* gotta get to work on this soon, especially since it could make me up to 45 to 50 bucks if my client is pleased with the results. Main deterrent is the extreme details in the God Emperor's armor, which honestly puts a freakin' Byzantine church to shame! Client suggested I could give him custom, simpler armor, but I am not sure that's such a good idea as Warhammer fans might not recognize him as the Emprah himself. Honestly, Celestia has already been drawn (I drew her back in October,) but since then I have wanted to get fancier with her design and give her custom, Adepta Sororitas-style armor and a harness with a bolter on one side, and a meltagun on the other. Maybe it's because I mentally ship Princess Celestia with the God Emperor of Mankind, that I want to turn Celestia into the ultimate steed and battle-companion for the Emperor himself. My own perfectionism can really get in the way sometimes...I realize it doesn't so much matter what I think of a drawing I make, but what the person I drew it for thinks.

Future Developments on my OCs, Ponies, Fanfics, Etc.

In case I haven't said so before, I currently have two separate ideas for MLP fanon/fanfic projects: an original, "pure" (non-crossover) fanfic called Lightmare Chronicles that has been in the works on-and-off since December 2012 and features Stargazer as the heroine of the story, and a grimdark, war-themed crossover of MLP and my original sci-fi universe Starlight Run that was originally going to be made into a scrolling, arcade-style shooter fangame called Pegastrike: Flying Horse Battalion, but since that fangame got way to complicated for its own good, I have since revived the project as a fanfic called Idolatry, the title being the meta-label for all future crossovers of Starlight Run and MLP:FiM. The crossover universe highlights a war between ponykind and the Dominion of Zecha (who are the most common antagonists in Starlight Run,) who chose to invade Equestria to mine for resources, but soon decided to attack ponykind or convert them to their religion (they consider Celestia and Luna to be "false idols" who are actually demons, hence the title of the fanfic.) It explores such themes as the horrors and atrocities of war, environmental destruction, and the effects of imperialism, oppression, prejudice and hatred on an innocent, peaceful society such as Equestria. Lightning Dust will be a major character, as will Rainbow Dash, and while this fanfic will have virtually no sexual themes, it will be incredibly graphic in terms of violence, psychological breakdown, trauma and angst. Easily the darkest fanfic I have ever written.

Lightmare Chronicles is a lighter, softer, fluffier and more innocent world, much closer to the official world of MLP itself, and almost, almost resembling something "family-friendly" if not for the mild sexual/suggestive themes (such as Stargazer's oversized, bouncy plot, and the revealing Lightmare armor she wears.) This story follows Stargazer as the prized pupil of Princess Luna, mirroring Twilight Sparkle and her relationship with Princess Celestia, and explores her friendship with Lightning Dust (which eventually becomes romantic,) and Stargazer's status as a rare kind of pony called a Lightmare, a race of doll-like artificial mares created with magic, with the ability to traverse the physical world and the dream world, to step inside the dreams of mortal ponies (and eventually humans too) to protect them from their worst fears. They are led by Princess Luna, who is not a Lightmare by birth, but revered by the Lightmares, who are nocturnal, represent the moon, nighttime and dreams, so they follow Princess Luna (who gets some pretty badass-looking Lightmare armor herself.) Stargazer and her fellow Lightmares must defend Equestria from Maledictus, an ancient, Eldritch abomination-level demon who takes the form of a demonic alicorn, the personification of fear itself. The story will take place in both Equestria and the parallel "human" world introduced in Equestria Girls, and unlike Idolatry, it will probably be PG-13 or even PG-rated, the only questionable bits being suggestive fanservice, Stargazer and Lightning Dust's lesbian relationship, and some dark/scary moments reminiscent of stuff from some of the darker animated Disney movies.

Future Developments of Stargazer herself

Finally, I think I should mention (and give her own section to) my favorite OC of mine, Stargazer, and her future involvement in not just MLP fanfics, but other fiction projects as well. I think I should mention that even though she started off back in late 2012 as just a particularly-intricate fan pony and the heroine of Lightmare Chronicles (as described above,) over the next year she kinda got more and more elaborate and over the top, to the point where I kinda lost interest in putting her in my pony fanfics for fear she would be judged as a Mary Sue. So as a result the Stargazer shown in Lightmare Chronicles will probably be Nerfed or toned down a bit in attributes and maybe physical appearance too, so as to make her a more balanced character. I regret the fact that all this time I mostly just designed her to look cool, pretty and even sexy, and failed to give her anything resembling character development. Because I am pretty sure that if I make her balanced on the inside, her outwardly over the top appearance won't matter, and she won't be a Sue.

Outside of MLP fanon, however, Stargazer has kinda evolved into more than just a pony...I now consider her my signature female character, and as of the end of last year she now has three forms that she can switch between: her most familiar Lightmare form (a pony-sized unicorn with an unusual-looking horn, sometimes also with wings, sometimes without,) a bigger, horse-sized alicorn form the size of Princess Celestia which can be ridden as a steed, complete with beefed-up, fancier horn and wings and even a magical cannon on her side, and finally, a winged, humanoid angel form, who started off as simply her Equestria Girls self, but which quickly evolved to be much fancier and more over the top than that, also drawn slightly more realistically and closer to a Safhira character from Starlight Run.

I have a new project in the works, not canon to anything in particular and mostly made for personal fun, that features non-MLP Stargazer in all her over the top, Sue-ish glory, as well as other equally over the top and Sue-ish heroes and villains for her to interact with. She will mostly appear in her humanoid angel/EqG/Safhira form, and have three pet Lightmares that she can summon and command to do various things, and will do battle with her currently-unnamed arch-rival, a demonic-looking woman with bat wings, dressed in spiky black leather armor (like a cross between a dominatrix and either Dark Eldar or Chaos Marine armor from Warhammer) and armed with a giant, techno-organic looking gun that shoots bullets of darkness and aesthetically inspired by an HR Giger drawing. And just as Stargazer can turn into a pony, or command of up three ponies, this arch-rival can turn into a deadly, black panther-like predatory creature with a scorpion-like tail, or she can summon and command up to two more of these creatures at a time when she's in her normal humanoid form. Other characters include a combined sci-fi/fantasy knight called Phantom, whose current design stands over ten feet tall with power armor, and gives him artificial bird-style wings enabling flight, and advanced Starlight Run-style sci-fi weapons. He battles a rival hero, a Zechite-inspired knight/crusader in power armor who stands even taller, also possesses wings and the ability to fly, and carries a sword that uses the power of microwaves to cut/burn through flesh, as well as an energy rifle that rapidly fires glowing, radioactive bullets. This scenario of mine does not yet have a name, but I will give it one soon. That is all for now.

Thanks for reading this obscenely-long news journal =P


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Nicholas Hägen
Dash; Dä5ch; The Nickster (only Mom calls me that lol)
190.50cm (6ft 3in)
Why would I tell you that?!
Pizza; BBQ; Energy drinks; Video games; Nature; Heavy metal; Star Wars; Halo; Warhammer 40K; Military stuff; The occult; The 90s; Looking at my old drawings; Nostalgia; Freedom; Weapons; Martial arts; Ponies; Internet memes
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Hey all, name's Great-5, but I am also known as Nick, Dä5ch (pronounced "Datch," not to be confused with my character Dash,) and a few other aliases. Just your average misanthropic brony sci-fi gamer nerd wannabe concept artist. I've been a deviantART member since mid-2005, but I didn't really become super-active on the site until early 2007. I also have high-functioning autism/Aspergers Syndrome/whatever the hell they call it these days, which honestly has major advantages and disadvantages. I like Halo, Star Wars, Warhammer, anime (especially old-school 80s and 90s anime, and the seinen genre...I don't particularly care for the sparkly bishies and moe-moe schoolgirl fanservicey crap that weeaboos obsess over,) Legos (especially Bionicles,) military stuff, science, nature, gaming and martial arts, and even though my art isn't perfect it seems to be fairly popular in the groups I submit it to. Oh, and I like ponies too!

I am proud to say I am one of the original bronies from early-mid 2011 (I joined the herd in late June,) who actually believe in love and tolerance, inb4 the fandom became polarized between the rabid idiots whom everyone enjoys hating on, and the so-called "sane" fans who hate the fandom and enjoy trolling other fans...I personally find fans like them to be an even bigger disgrace than the rabid bronies. Unlike those disrespectful boneheads, I won't judge you for clopping as long as you keep it to yourself and don't talk about it all the time. I can't judge you for it, in fact, because I sometimes draw delicious pony plots myself. My favorite "main" ponies are Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, and I admit I currently have a huge crush on Lightning Dust...I happen to have a protective complex toward her, because of her negative portrayal in her episode (dat face she made in the ending...poor Dusty,) and the fact that most bronies think she is worse than Hitler. She must be protected, and I am her knight in shining armor! Anyways, a lot of you may know me for my pony art, but truth be told I draw a LOT more than just ponies, and I want you all to appreciate my non-MLP art as well.

I am an aspiring concept artist who enjoys designing and drawing guns, characters, vehicles and creatures for my original sci-fi universe, which I currently call Starlight Run, and is divided into the game project Kyrdan and the planned webcomic D.A.S.H. Project. I have even dabbled in music composing from time to time...I am currently trying to figure out how to create dubstep in FL Studio. I'm in the slow process of teaching myself game development, using a wide variety of utilities and engines such as Game Maker and Unity3D, in hopes that I can someday get my dream job of founding my own small game studio and making sweet indie games. My hero in that regard is John Carmack from Id Software, famous for Doom and Quake. I want my future game studio to be like how Id Software was in the 90s: small, close-knit but substantial, capable of making awesome games. That is all.

Current Residence
Chico, CA
Favourite genres of music
metal, grunge, industrial, metalcore, alternative metal, J-rock, game, techno, jazz, world and classical
Favourite photographer
Favourite style of art
vidya games. They're the most perfect form of art!
Operating System
Windows 7 (main machine) and Ubuntu Linux (laptop)
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iPod Nano
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spiny Koopa Troopa
Wallpaper of choice
Currently, a gold Desert Eagle-toting cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn, with Nyan cat and Bowser's castle in the background
Skin of choice
an insect's exoskeleton
Favourite cartoon characters
Kazuma the Shell Bullet, Scheris Adjani and Ryuho (s-CRY-ed,) Homer Simpson (The Simpsons,) Master Chief, Cortana, Thel 'Vadam and Noble Six (Halo,) Stewie Griffin (Family Guy,) Randy Marsh (South Park,) Scout, Heavy and Soldier (Team Fortress 2,) Drew Pickles (Rugrats/Barney Bunch,) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy,) Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Lightning Dust, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...whew, that's a LOT of ponies,) Solid Snake, Raiden and Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid,) Mu La Flaga, Kira Yamato and Andy Waltfeld (Gundam SEED...though Kira was only cool in the first one, before he turned into an overpowered mary sue with an omniscient morality license,) Sarge and Caboose (Red Vs. Blue,) Danny Phantom, Beavis and Butthead, and Shadow the Hedgehog
Personal Quote
Ever stop to think that a glazed ham is actually a "candy ass?"

My stamps
Morbo stamp by Great-5True face stamp by Great-5Platonic crush stamp by Great-5Drama-free fandoms by Great-5Marathon stamp by Great-5Green flames in cartoons by Great-5Quit bitching and enjoy the wolves... by Great-5Pumkin stamp by Great-5Next time you make an anti-stamp... by Great-5Seriously! by Great-5Firaeveus Carron lol by Great-5She is NOT a villain... by Great-5Baneblade stamp by Great-5Abobo stamp by Great-5Alfabusa stamp by Great-5Well I'm I the only one? by Great-5This stamp will be flagged by hipsters by Great-5dem rabid Warhammer fans by Great-5Hey you, it's time to start a shitstorm! by Great-5
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tumblr - Ponies and MLP fanart (mild NSFW warning) - Guns, weapons and mecha

40K fans: Do you have a "Warsona" (Warhammer 40K persona...IE Bruva Alfabusa, and characters like that) 

2 deviants said No, and I am not a 40K fan either
2 deviants said HERESY! *blam*
1 deviant said Yes, I do have a Warhammer persona (do explain)
1 deviant said No, but I do have Warhammer fan characters who AREN'T my 40K persona
No deviants said Yes, and I have my own custom army too (IE Space Marine chapters, Eldar aspect warriors, etc.)
No deviants said No, I am a 40K fan, but I am only into the official characters, chapters, units and armies


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JaredtheFox92 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Salutations. =)
at0mb0mbn0m Mar 30, 2014  Student General Artist
Bro I know you've been busy, I was checking to see if you've added any oc updates.

Keep me posted
Great-5 Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
K I will. Just yeah, I've been super busy with school and other nonsense I don't like doing, I wish I could just sit down and draw cool stuff, but that probably won't be the case until late May, when school gets out.
at0mb0mbn0m Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Yea, my semester just started back, I understand that completely. Hurry back man, lol. I got some stuff I've been working on I wanted to show you
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Great-5 Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*sigh* I thought I told you not to ask those sorts of questions on this account. This is your last warning. One more comment like that and I will block you. Save it for the other account.

Also I haven't seen that episode yet, so please, no more spoilers.
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Sharpy-loves-you Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

I was wondering, once you're done with the current commission, if you can do me another one based on Doom.:) I started playing different mods for it, including one called Russian Overkill, which gives you a huge arsenal of weapons (one of them can kill 90% of he monsters in a level)
Great-5 Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, funny you mention Doom. And even funnier you mention Russian Overkill. Because I myself have been getting into Doom again, and playing that very mod! One of my brony friends on Steam is crazy about Doom, and keeps showing me awesome mods to try, including Russian Overkill (which is one of my favorites.) I'm only just recently realizing how amazingly versatile the Doom engine is, and just how much you can change in your mods just using the magic of scripting. For instance, my other two favorite mods, Brutal Doom and Project MSX, have so many things changed you almost wonder how the game can still be called Doom! For instance Brutal Doom adds extreme blood, gore and fatalities in the vein of Gears of War, as well as revamps of the old Doom weapons and one or two original ones too, all with a graphical makeover, better-looking particle/glow effects and even the ability to aim down your sights on some weapons. Project MSX is even more doesn't have quite as much extreme violence and advanced gore effects as Brutal Doom, but it DOES do away with the old HUD and the armor/health mechanic entirely and replaces it with Halo-style regenerating energy shields, with health underneath that. Project MSX also features prettier particle effects and the ability to aim down your sights. I know I ultimately want to get back into modding myself...the last Doom mod I made was in 2009 or even 2008. Gotta get better at that STAT!

But anyways, what do you have in mind for your Doom-themed picture? Does it have ponies?
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