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FanArt:  PK5 Custom 12mm Pulse Gun  by Great-5 by CzechBiohazard

Czech, once again you have proven yourself to be an expert weapon designer. I honestly wasn't expecting anything too radically differen...

Mecha - Enforcer by ModalMechanica

This stood out at me right away when I saw this in my deviations messages. The shapes and overall form are simply amazing. Everything, ...

Random from Concept Art


Commission Info:

Paypal Button by skinnyveestamp

I don't do free requests, I only do paid commissions and art trades. I also don't believe in points, I only accept Paypal and Paypal only. Note me with the details of what you want drawn, and we'll take it from there :3

I WILL draw:
:bulletblack: Weapons (swords, guns, etc.)
:bulletblack: Ponies, both OCs and official MLP: FiM characters
:bulletblack: Mecha (tanks, aircraft, powered armor, etc.)
:bulletblack: Mild fanservice or pinup-style images (humanoids)...please keep the request PG-13!
:bulletblack: Mild plot/flank stuff (ponies)...please keep the request PG-13!
:bulletblack: Creatures

I will NOT draw:
:bulletblack: Outright porn or fetish art
:bulletblack: Non-MLP fanart (generally no...but there are some exceptions)
:bulletblack: Landscapes
:bulletblack: Overly-complex poses and angles (not a good enough artist to risk it yet)


:bulletblack: Rough pencil sketch: $3 - $7
M91 Caseless Service Rifle - ROUGH by Great-5Gauss rifle by Great-5

:bulletblack: Completed digital drawing: $15 - $20
PK5 Custom 12mm Pulse Gun by Great-5I4-B35 Heavy Energy Pistol by Great-5Kyrdan and Xandu swords by Great-5Type-10 Energy Projectile Carbine by Great-5


:bulletblack: Rough pencil sketch: $7 - $12
Pretty Purple Ponydump 10-4-2012 by Great-5

:bulletblack: Completed digital drawing: $15 - $20
Taulight Sparkle by Great-5Bane the Tacticool Pony by Great-5

:bulletblack: Additional character or background: Add $5 - $10
COMMISSION: SoarinDash Space Marines by Great-5

Character Design

:bulletblack: Rough pencil sketch: $8 - $15

:bulletblack: Completed digital drawing: $25 - $30
Sanke Lenna by Great-5

Art Trades
I also do art trades, character-for-character or design-for-design, with an optional background, depending on whether or not I feel up to including one.
Art trade for Jacquibim by Great-5Art Trade: Maverick Shot by Jacquibim



  • Mood: I Have To Pee
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  • Playing: Rise of the Triad
  • Eating: blueberry muffin
  • Drinking: Racer 5 pale ale
dA5ch frontal face study by Great-5
This guy

Wasn't happy with just giving him the same name as the username I use for pretty much every website nowadays (Dä5ch,) mostly because, even though it's pronounced "Datch," it's still too similar to the name "Dash," who is already a long-running and established character within the Starlight Run canon. That, combined with the fact that, facially and also in hair color the two characters already look kinda similar to each other, could lead to unwanted accusations of lazily recycling characters to make new characters. And I know I'm already kinda guilty of need to rub it in ._.

So now, Da5ch now bears the official name Lochanis Fifth. "Lochanis" is an anagram of my real-life first name "Nicholas," while the surname "Fifth" is a reference to both my lucky number (five) and the 5 in both "Great-5" and "Da5ch." Although I can't decide if he should be a pureblood H'ruun or half-H'ruun/half-adept. I am leaning towards the second one, because making my persona character at least partially human makes him more relatable for me and thus more appealing in the long run. Okay, I just decided...he is an adept who has been augmented with H'ruun DNA as well as cybernetic implants. His height is six-foot eight (I am six-four in real life.) And now it's final!

The dream

Also, I had this crazy and semi-spiritual dream last night that is on the verge of giving me an idea for a new character, I just dunno where to put him exactly. In my dream I encountered an angelic being who stood over ten feet tall and had a pair of large, shining gold wings that glowed with an amber-colored light, carried a big sword that also glowed amber, and wore sleek black, silver and gold armor with more amber-colored glowing lights on it which resembled a a curious combination of Halo SPARTAN armor, a Crysis nanosuit, and the Didact's armor from Halo 4. Also like the Didact's armor, this guy's armor could come apart into separate components, and assemble itself on the wearer's body, either through his telekinesis, or some weird physics-bending electromagnetic nonsense like what Monsoon uses in Metal Gear Rising. Or something. This was not the first time I had a dream where I encountered a spiritual being composed of auto-assembling armor segments...Phantom, AKA my "spirit guide" of sorts first appeared that way to me in a dream back in late 2010, and he looked a lot like Noble Six. Hell, my custom Halo: Reach armor was specifically modified to look like Phantom, and I haven't changed it since early 2011 out of respect.

Anyways, the helmet (whose right optic sensor also glowed amber, opposite of Lochanis's glowing eye, which is on the left side and glows a blue-green or cyan color) as well as the armor covering his neck, shoulders and upper torso disassembled to allow him to introduce himself, unmasked, to me. He looked quite human, save for his wings and his immense stature...he took the form of a young, fairly attractive African-American man about my age (mid-20s,) though there was something otherworldly or ethereal about him. His right eye was seemingly bionic and glowed with the same gold-amber light (presumably the corresponding right optic sensor of his helmet either is lit by, or amplifies the glow of this eye,) and his hair was a very unusual pure silver color, and close-cropped on his head the way a lot of black guys wear their hair. He looked at me and introduced himself as "Joshua," and I suddenly got a very strong feeling that he was mostly foe, not friend, despite his angelic appearance. Something was ominous about him despite his friendly, inviting demeanor, like he wanted something from me, and if I didn't comply, he would, rather hesitantly, take me on. I sensed that he valued my spirit, almost wanting it for himself, but saw the two spirit guides I already have (Phantom and Stargazer) as obstacles or even threats...threats not to him, but to me. I sensed that he hated my spirit guides and wanted to annihilate them, then appoint himself as my one and only spirit guide instead. I was both enchanted by his effect on me and aware of an ever-increasing sense of dread, even terror, and wanting to get out of there as soon as I could. And a matter of seconds later, after introducing himself to me he abruptly disappeared in a flash of gold-colored light, and I returned to my bed.

Still half-awake, and still both in fear and awe, I silently asked who or what Joshua really was, and in response I heard a soothing, fatherly-sounding male voice say simply "he is your fear." Now this voice I've heard before, and the sound of it comforts me greatly so I know there is truth behind it. I tend to believe it's the voice of God, or some higher being at least. Hearing this benevolent voice took any remaining fear and dread right out of me. I'm not afraid anymore but instead quite intrigued about Joshua, and exactly who he might be. I got a strong gut sense that he is a "spiritual rival," a worthy opponent who personifies my worst fear and who I must triumph over and eventually befriend, or at least part with on good terms. All I know is seeing him in my dream filled me with an overpowering urge to draw him!

So anyways, I know my dream and the enigmatic figure introduced in it carry some pretty strong parallels to existing religions I am not a part of, so just a request for any of my religious watchers who see parallels to your own religion and could potentially use it as a means to proselytize to me, I ask you do not. I respect your beliefs, but I do not share them. And bear in mind something was "off" about Joshua...on the surface he seemed angelic and godly, but I just knew in my heart that he was to a degree malevolent, or at least misguided in his intentions. But still, this was the second profound spiritual dream I've had in the past month and the middle of last month I had a dream about a small, sleek, fast, and vaguely horse-shaped blur of white and gold light who I just knew, in my heart, was Stargazer, and who proceeded to battle a brain-spider-squid-demon thing called "Malspyder," and emerge victorious. I guess I should count myself lucky for having these kinds of dreams...they are pretty cool.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Nicholas Hägen
Dash; Dä5ch; The Nickster (only Mom calls me that lol)
190.50cm (6ft 3in)
Why would I tell you that?!
Pizza; BBQ; Energy drinks; Video games; Nature; Heavy metal; Star Wars; Halo; Warhammer 40K; Military stuff; The occult; The 90s; Looking at my old drawings; Nostalgia; Freedom; Weapons; Martial arts; Ponies; Internet memes
Eggs; Closed-minded people; Hypocrites; Self-righteous people; Weeaboos; Icky fetishes that involve people being hurt or killed; Being overpowered; Being uncomfortable; Fretting over pointless crap; Cyberbullies; Microwaved dinners; The complaints forum

Hey all, name's Great-5, but I am also known as Nick, Dä5ch (pronounced "Datch," not to be confused with my character Dash,) and a few other aliases. Just your average misanthropic brony sci-fi gamer nerd wannabe concept artist. I've been a deviantART member since mid-2005, but I didn't really become super-active on the site until early 2007. I also have high-functioning autism/Aspergers Syndrome/whatever the hell they call it these days, which honestly has major advantages and disadvantages. I like Halo, Star Wars, Warhammer, anime (especially old-school 80s and 90s anime, and the seinen genre...I don't particularly care for the sparkly bishies and moe-moe schoolgirl fanservicey crap that weeaboos obsess over,) Legos (especially Bionicles,) military stuff, science, nature, gaming and martial arts, and even though my art isn't perfect it seems to be fairly popular in the groups I submit it to. Oh, and I like ponies too!

I am proud to say I am one of the original bronies from early-mid 2011 (I joined the herd in late June,) who actually believe in love and tolerance, inb4 the fandom became polarized between the rabid idiots whom everyone enjoys hating on, and the so-called "sane" fans who hate the fandom and enjoy trolling other fans...I personally find fans like them to be an even bigger disgrace than the rabid bronies. Unlike those disrespectful boneheads, I won't judge you for clopping as long as you keep it to yourself and don't talk about it all the time. I can't judge you for it, in fact, because I sometimes draw delicious pony plots myself. My favorite "main" ponies are Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, and I admit I currently have a huge crush on Lightning Dust...I happen to have a protective complex toward her, because of her negative portrayal in her episode (dat face she made in the ending...poor Dusty,) and the fact that most bronies think she is worse than Hitler. She must be protected, and I am her knight in shining armor! Anyways, a lot of you may know me for my pony art, but truth be told I draw a LOT more than just ponies, and I want you all to appreciate my non-MLP art as well.

I am an aspiring concept artist who enjoys designing and drawing guns, characters, vehicles and creatures for my original sci-fi universe, which I currently call Starlight Run, and is divided into the game project Kyrdan and the planned webcomic D.A.S.H. Project. I have even dabbled in music composing from time to time...I am currently trying to figure out how to create dubstep in FL Studio. I'm in the slow process of teaching myself game development, using a wide variety of utilities and engines such as Game Maker and Unity3D, in hopes that I can someday get my dream job of founding my own small game studio and making sweet indie games. My hero in that regard is John Carmack from Id Software, famous for Doom and Quake. I want my future game studio to be like how Id Software was in the 90s: small, close-knit but substantial, capable of making awesome games. That is all.

Current Residence
Chico, CA
Favourite genres of music
metal, grunge, industrial, metalcore, alternative metal, J-rock, game, techno, jazz, world and classical
Favourite photographer
Favourite style of art
vidya games. They're the most perfect form of art!
Operating System
Windows 7 (main machine) and Ubuntu Linux (laptop)
MP3 player of choice
iPod Nano
Shell of choice
spiny Koopa Troopa
Wallpaper of choice
Currently, a gold Desert Eagle-toting cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn, with Nyan cat and Bowser's castle in the background
Skin of choice
an insect's exoskeleton
Favourite cartoon characters
Kazuma the Shell Bullet, Scheris Adjani and Ryuho (s-CRY-ed,) Homer Simpson (The Simpsons,) Master Chief, Cortana, Thel 'Vadam and Noble Six (Halo,) Stewie Griffin (Family Guy,) Randy Marsh (South Park,) Scout, Heavy and Soldier (Team Fortress 2,) Drew Pickles (Rugrats/Barney Bunch,) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy,) Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Lightning Dust, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...whew, that's a LOT of ponies,) Solid Snake, Raiden and Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid,) Mu La Flaga, Kira Yamato and Andy Waltfeld (Gundam SEED...though Kira was only cool in the first one, before he turned into an overpowered mary sue with an omniscient morality license,) Sarge and Caboose (Red Vs. Blue,) Danny Phantom, Beavis and Butthead, and Shadow the Hedgehog
Personal Quote
Ever stop to think that a glazed ham is actually a "candy ass?"

My stamps
Morbo stamp by Great-5True face stamp by Great-5Platonic crush stamp by Great-5Drama-free fandoms by Great-5Marathon stamp by Great-5Green flames in cartoons by Great-5Quit bitching and enjoy the wolves... by Great-5Pumkin stamp by Great-5Next time you make an anti-stamp... by Great-5Seriously! by Great-5Firaeveus Carron lol by Great-5She is NOT a villain... by Great-5Baneblade stamp by Great-5Abobo stamp by Great-5Alfabusa stamp by Great-5Well I'm I the only one? by Great-5This stamp will be flagged by hipsters by Great-5dem rabid Warhammer fans by Great-5Hey you, it's time to start a shitstorm! by Great-5
Other stamps I like
WEEGEE Stamp by FreakingArGPingas Stamp by Darkeiyapagan stamp by theMary-go-RoundHALO STAMP ACTION by MatsuoMasatoYoutube Poop.. by NateFoxCortana Stamp by sJ-ePN64 stamp by Bourbons3Music Stamp by TaylorinchainsStamp: Gundam Seed Fan by NawamaneBreaking Benjamin Stamp by LuxDaniSTAMP - MONSTER by eXtremeBikerDrew Pickles Stamp by MetalShadowOverlordIHeartElite Stamp by InvisibleCatfishGrunt Stamp by sJ-ePLeft 4 Dead PEELZ HERE by NightmareNurseStamp - I Comment Before I Fav by magicaMordor stamp by DaythaONLY s-CRY-ed stamp by DawtMetal Slug Stamp by neomiguelangelFandoms Suck by KiagouTombJapan is more than just anime by Freeze-user++ Depressed and Anxious by dimruthienBrony- stamp by BlizzyKaiMartial artist stamp by MajnounaNope dot stamp by DannyCat-X3Dancing Ness Stamp by StaniaMarshFoX Hound I stamp by DeviantSithElite Stamp by sJ-ePold nicktoons by KelpyKradI Support Metal by MatzelineDisturbed Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI Do NOT Support Loli-Shota by MottenfestSugar Stamp by MrAwesomeArtistAnti-Vore by IP-ServiceFFFFUUUU by AwesomeStampsImmature humor stamp by LillHannaFooled Stamp by UniversalDiabloDr. Hax Stamp by darkhoodnessGIRUGAMESH by GrimRose13I heart Gardevoir Stamp by Chibi-GardevoirI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteAkira stamp by kurokimashinTurmion Katilot stamp by VantrixStamp - Scary Stories by deaddoll00TURRICAN Stamp by TRADT-PRODUCTIONFlutterShy Stamp by LegendaryDittoI Miss the 90s by StampCollectorsArgue With That Logic by PsychoMonkeyShogunOffensive Attention stamp by SA948-StampsSittin' on tha toilet stamp by latsyMisanthrope stamp by wyldravenSpeciesism is a bad thing by GalaxuVideo games by Cathines-StampsMalcolm in the Middle stamp by AiarashiTV Tropes Stamp by ChimeraDragonfangAss-pat critique by paramoreSUCKSPinkie Pie Stamp by KevfinRammstein Stamp by ZeKRoBzS"Weird" Beliefs Stamp by Caffeine-MasterRainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlzCrysis Stamp by AlcaminAmiga stamp by 5-3-10-4Genesis does +beta+ by midnightclubxAndroid by CaitxxSithRarity Stamp by jewlechoDESTROY US ALL by ARTic-WeatherMe Gusta by Fyi-SusSBAHJ stamp by ScreaminyellowmadnesDoom stamp by Anajroband you can draw more than pony hate art by pixelat0ryOwn style by black-cat16-stampsOH DON PIANO STAMP by SuperSpongeNovaSupport Lightning Dust by DrakkenlovesShego12Bullet For My Valentine Stamp by raimundogiffuniYoiks...And Away! by RavenGaleSpencer:thumb261671732:Funny Word Stamp by DarkMythrilBackground Music by Skylark-93I'm Sane So I am Totally Betters by endlerWhen I was your age... by RandomGothSignaturesLatias Yay Stamp by Vypor:thumb151801742:Angry Video Game Nerd Stamp by lapraskingRaise your hand... by Crystal-ArtistGonna Get A lot For This by endleri take a potato chip and EAT IT! by kaleidoscopeEYEKMFDM Albums Stamp by Wynau-ruScootaloo + Applebloom Stamp by Heart-Stamp

tumblr - Ponies and MLP fanart (mild NSFW warning) - Guns, weapons and mecha

40K fans: Do you have a "Warsona" (Warhammer 40K persona...IE Bruva Alfabusa, and characters like that) 

2 deviants said No, and I am not a 40K fan either
2 deviants said HERESY! *blam*
1 deviant said Yes, I do have a Warhammer persona (do explain)
1 deviant said No, but I do have Warhammer fan characters who AREN'T my 40K persona
No deviants said Yes, and I have my own custom army too (IE Space Marine chapters, Eldar aspect warriors, etc.)
No deviants said No, I am a 40K fan, but I am only into the official characters, chapters, units and armies


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JaredtheFox92 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Salutations. =)
at0mb0mbn0m Mar 30, 2014  Student General Artist
Bro I know you've been busy, I was checking to see if you've added any oc updates.

Keep me posted
Great-5 Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
K I will. Just yeah, I've been super busy with school and other nonsense I don't like doing, I wish I could just sit down and draw cool stuff, but that probably won't be the case until late May, when school gets out.
at0mb0mbn0m Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Yea, my semester just started back, I understand that completely. Hurry back man, lol. I got some stuff I've been working on I wanted to show you
Great-5 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, and you can show me your stuff anytime, no need to wait for that. It's just my stuff that you'll have to wait for.
Great-5 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll try. I got a couple commissions and one art trade to finish first thing once school gets out, then I will hopefully start drawing more of what you want to see. I forget, what did you want to see me draw again?
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Great-5 Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*sigh* I thought I told you not to ask those sorts of questions on this account. This is your last warning. One more comment like that and I will block you. Save it for the other account.

Also I haven't seen that episode yet, so please, no more spoilers.
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